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Sweet Tooth Music - Snack Pack Volume III

It's time again for another edition of our Snack Pack compilation series! I'm very excited to share that the third compilation release is now available on Bandcamp! This, as always, was really fun to put together and I'm so grateful to all of the artists involved for allowing me to share their art through this platform! The selections include an eclectic mix of new sounds from various artists, musicians, producers, and composers. I encourage you to follow the artists on Instagram below and stay tuned for what they cook up next. I hope you find something you really enjoy below! Cheers!

Snack Pack Volume II Tracklist:

1. Wisoff - Out Of Sight (feat. Dudetunes)

2. BALTHVS - Vapor Waves

3. Woodfire - Me Rearranged

4. Waterstrider - Liquid

5. Day Leaf - Wave

6. Bijan Sharifi - Drowned

Album Art by Sara Noe (

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