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Katalyst - WhatsAname

This is definitely an album you will want to pre-order. Coming to us from Inglewood, the Katalyst crew has some of the best jazz musicians in the game right now. I've been lucky enough to catch them play live a few times and was always extremely impressed with their musicianship, as well as their work ethic. They're also just a really nice group of guys that are funny and creative and a blast to hang out with. You get a sense they've all played together for awhile and are really comfortable improvising and grooving together. It's a really special group! I'm very excited for this album and ready to see these dudes blow up on more radars across the globe! For now, check out their fresh single below for good vibes and like I said at the beginning, you'll want to pre-order this album, don't mess this up now. Cheers!

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