Jungle - Keep Moving

The Tuesday Tempo selection this week was a no-brainer. One of my favorite groups, Jungle, have returned to announce their third album is on the way and they've released their first single, which is easily our vibe for the day and maybe the week. Check it out below with the obviously dope visuals to go along with it, because you know...Jungle. Cheers! #Music #NewMusic #Jungle #UK #Soul #Dance #Groove #Funk #MusicVideo #NowPlaying #TuesdayTempo

Tagua Tagua - 2016

It's time to kick back to the Tuesday Tempo selection this week, brought to us in the form of the infectious single "2016" from São Paulo-based artist Tagua Tagua. #Music #NewMusic #NowPlaying #Bandcamp #Brazilian #Soul #Indie #Pop #Latin

Moods - Sinner (feat. Nic Hanson)

Monday Mood selection streaming below. #Music #NewMusic #NowPlaying #Moods #Soul #Electronic #Dance #Groove #Funk #Synth

Soul Supreme - Raid

Your Tuesday Tempo has arrived courtesy of Soul Supreme, an Amsterdam-based keyboardist, DJ & producer. This one is just too smooth for words. Enjoy! #Music #NewMusic #NowPlaying #Soul #Jazz #Funk #Drums #Keyboard #Bandcamp #SoulSupreme #Amsterdam

Tilman - Sound Issue 84

It's time for you to tune into the Friday Feels selection. This week, you deserve something special and it's no surprise that this sweet tune comes to us from UK imprint Shall Not Fade. They never disappoint. The vibe is today is the "Sound Issue 84" track from German producer Tilman, off of his newest and longest release yet. It's good energy! Get into it! Cheers. #Music #NewMusic #NowPlaying #FridayFeels #Bandcamp #House #Disco #Groove #Soul #Electronic #Dance #Tilman #Shal

Henryk Debich - Monika

It's Tuesday Tempo time, dust off those dancin' shoes and shake off your worries. The groove to help you move today is in the form of the amazing single "Monika" from Polish Conductor Henryk Debich. #Music #NewMusic #NowPlaying #TuesdayTempo #Soul #Funk #Orchestra #Instrumental #Bandcamp #HenrykDebich

Tomaas All - Frunkp

Aaannnndd just like that, we've made it through the first week of 2021. What a wild ride it's been already. Either way you look at it though, there is always good music to appreciate and that's what is helping me survive every day. Today, we're back to our Friday Feels selection, the first of the year, and this one is a funky, disco banger from French DJ/Producer Tomaas All off of the new Juicy Edits compilation album on Fresh Take Records, an independent, Edinburgh-based lab

Madlib - Road of the Lonely Ones

Friday has arrived! It's been a weird week, right? Haha, anyways...our Friday Feels selection is here courtesy of Madlib, so everything is going to be just fine! On Sunday, it was announced that Madlib has been working on album with producer/DJ Four Tet over the past few years. The album Sound Ancestors will be out in January via Madlib Invazion. The first track “Road of the Lonely Ones” debuted on Mary Anne Hobbs’ BBC Radio 6 show. Check it out below. Cheers! #FridayFeels #M

Andrew Ashong & Kaidi Tatham - Learning Lessens

Woooow. This is such a fantastic project! I'm excited to share that our Tuesday Tempo selection is from South London soul artist Andrew Ashong. He has returned with his first full release since 2014 – an expansive six-track collab with Kaidi Tatham. The unique pairing takes both artists to new heights as they flawlessly complement each other's musical language, giving light and energy to songs that hurdle over genres and time to move into their own distinct lane. Check it out

Omoidé - Afterimage

Our Tuesday Tempo selection is a bit slower than usual this week, but what do you want from me?! Sorry, I'm's cool. White it isn't a dance floor banger this fine Tuesday, I'm still really feeling the future soul vibes and electronic chillness on the fresh single 'Afterimage' from Chicago producer omoidé. It's part of a phenomenal new compilation release from Ireland label Souletiquette, featuring specially selected producers with sound designs to induce peace, tranq

Common Saints - Lovesong

This new EP is getting lots of hype lately and for damn good reason, too, because it's like sugar for the ears. The sounds are clean and classic, perfectly arranged for a magical journey of psychedelic vibes. The EP comes to us from London-based Psychedelic/Soul group Common Saints. In their words they're here to provide "some nutritious sounds for the ears and movies for the mind, a "Common Saint" is a Good Samaritan." This EP will be on repeat for me for the rest of the wee

J Lloyd - Feelin' Good

Wow, this is pretty much a new Jungle album to some extent, let's be real! J Lloyd, one half of the duo behind British, has new mixtape called Kosmos out and it's full of some really dope sounds and productions. It was produced and recorded over a 72-hour period in early April 2020. Check out my favorite track below and get it on Bandcamp! #Music #NewMusic #JLloyd #Jungle #Bandcamp #Beats #Soul #Electronic #LoFi

Linkwood & Other Lands - Theme for City

It's Friday and I'm feeling this. The mood today comes to us from Edinburgh crew Linkwood & Other Lands. I was just looking for something that had a great beat and put me in a good mood, so this checked both of those boxes. Also, that artwork for the album is amazing and I want to hang it my cool studio that I don't own yet. Anyways, enjoy the tune below and pre-order this album, it's bound to be full of grooves such as the one below. Cheers! #Music #NewMusic #FridayFeels #No

Benny Sings - Rolled Up (feat. Mac DeMarco)

Wow, these two are the perfect pair for a collaboration. I'm really glad this happened. Such a solid track! I've been a fan of Mac all the way back to Salad Days and Benny Sings has been making soulful pop grooves since Art came out in 2011 (love that album, check it out if you haven't. Anyways, it seems like these two were destined to make music together, so I certainly hope there's more on deck. For now, enjoy the fresh one below. Cheers! #Music #NewMusic #NowPlaying #Benny

Sweet Tooth Music - Snack Pack Volume II

Hey folks! It's time again for another edition of the Snack Pack compilation series! I'm very excited to share that our second compilation release from Sweet Tooth Music is now available on Bandcamp. This was super fun to put together and I appreciate all of the artists involved! The selections include a variety of genre-bending music from emerging artists, musicians, producers, and composers. I encourage you to follow the artists on Instagram below and stay tuned for what th

Supergombo - Chandrayaan

Wooooo! This track is everything I love about music. It has a beautifully slow and cinematic build before crashing into an intense spiral of hypnotic fuzzy guitar tones, fast-paced driving percussion, and heavy bass lines. This is real jam, they're not messing around here, and it's bringing me lots of joy today. I hope it does the same for you. Cheers! #Music #NewMusic #NowPlaying #Supergombo #Bandcamp #afrobeat #funk #soul #afrojazz #afrofunk

Turbotito - Heart and Soul

I've always been a huge fan of the artist Poolside, so it comes as no surprise that when a previous member of that crew starts making music under a new moniker that I, of course, would immediately be fan. Today, we're treated to the groovy, disco single "Heart and Soul" from Filip Nikolic, aka Turbotito, off of this really cool 2-track EP. The release kicks off another chapter in an ongoing series of unearthing sounds from the Too Slow To Disco NEO imprint, the outlet DJ Supe

SAULT - Son Shine

Wooo, the groove on this one is really helping me get the week started with positive vibes and hopeful spirits. My pick for today is the extra smooth funk/soul track "Son Shine" off of the newest full-length release from mysterious UK artist SAULT. The whole album is pretty dope, too. I definitely encourage you to give the whole thing a spin and support the group on Bandcamp. Have a great week y'all. Cheers! #Music #NewMusic #NowPlaying #Indie #Soul #Alternative #Soul #Funk #

Sable Blanc - Amour Gris (Christophe Salin Remix)

Happy Friday y'all. I'm really feeling this track today! Very excited to share it with you. It's the Christophe Salin Remix for the powerful track "Amour Gris" off of the new EP release from Parisian artist Sable Blanc. The original track is plenty fine by itself, but Salin does a superb job at reconstructing it into a dance floor, jazz house track in a very unique and creative way. The other stand out tracks for me on this EP are "Just Goodbye" and the closer "Easy Living."

Steamhammer - She Is In Fire

For this fine Wednesday we find ourselves in, I believe this is the track that will feed your appetite perfectly, as it has mine. I discovered this album from browsing the incredible catalog of unearthed music from The Numero Group, a Chicago-based record label dedicated to the preservation and celebration of lesser-known artists. The track below is from the UK blues rock group Steamhammer and it was originally released on Reflection Records. originally established as a UK su