Soul Supreme - Raid

Your Tuesday Tempo has arrived courtesy of Soul Supreme, an Amsterdam-based keyboardist, DJ & producer. This one is just too smooth for words. Enjoy! #Music #NewMusic #NowPlaying #Soul #Jazz #Funk #Drums #Keyboard #Bandcamp #SoulSupreme #Amsterdam

Bokani Dyer Trio - Fezile

Our Tuesday Tempo today is brought to us in the form of this very fine Jazz track from South African musician Bokani Dyer. The single was featured on the New Horizons compilation album from Afrosynth records, where they aim to highlight some of the country’s most talented young composers and bandleaders, as well as a wider cast of supporting musicians. The whole compilation is great, but my favorite track is below. Have a good one! #Music #NewMusic #NowPlaying #Bandcamp #Boka

Felipe Gordon - Cold Nights ft. Ally Mcmahon

Our Friday Feels selection today is some serious heat coming to us from one of my favorites - Felipe Gordon - out of Bogotá, Colombia. I was a huge fan his previous EP, The Bacatá Extrapolation, which we covered here back in September, so it's no surprise that I was craving some new jams from Felipe. Below you'll find the first single from his upcoming EP, where he joins forces with Cody Currie on their first collaborative record, and it's really putting me in a great mood, s

Andrew Ashong & Kaidi Tatham - Learning Lessens

Woooow. This is such a fantastic project! I'm excited to share that our Tuesday Tempo selection is from South London soul artist Andrew Ashong. He has returned with his first full release since 2014 – an expansive six-track collab with Kaidi Tatham. The unique pairing takes both artists to new heights as they flawlessly complement each other's musical language, giving light and energy to songs that hurdle over genres and time to move into their own distinct lane. Check it out

Dougie Stu - Another One For Slug

Familiar Future has blessed us with some incredibly vibrant and soulful instrumental jams. Check out my favorite track below and pre-order this album, it's gonna be really sweet. #Music #NewMusic #NowPlaying #Instrumental #Jazz #Psychedelic #Oakland

Felipe Gordon - (To) Get My Shit Together

Let's get right to it! Would you please follow to me to the dance floor? Our Tuesday Tempo pick for this week comes to us in the form of the fresh, upbeat single "(To) Get My Shit Together)" from Colombia-based DJ/Producer Felipe Gordon off of his forthcoming 5-track EP which will be out. It's THE vibe that will keep you movin' and groovin' through the week. #Music #NewMusic #NowPlaying #House #Jazz #DeepHouse #Electronic #Synth #Beats #Chill #Lounge #FelipeGordon #Colombia #

Sable Blanc - Amour Gris (Christophe Salin Remix)

Happy Friday y'all. I'm really feeling this track today! Very excited to share it with you. It's the Christophe Salin Remix for the powerful track "Amour Gris" off of the new EP release from Parisian artist Sable Blanc. The original track is plenty fine by itself, but Salin does a superb job at reconstructing it into a dance floor, jazz house track in a very unique and creative way. The other stand out tracks for me on this EP are "Just Goodbye" and the closer "Easy Living."

Sweet Tooth Music - Snack Pack Volume I

I'm extremely excited to announce our first Sweet Tooth compilation album is now available on Bandcamp! I want to thank all of the artists, musicians, producers, and friends who have helped make this a reality. I also want to thank my parents and siblings for their constant support and encouragement. I hope you all enjoy the music! The album and all of the singles are available for free and any donations we receive will be donated to the Black Lives Matter - Los Angeles fund.

Thursday Thoughts with Composer Martin Gohary

Hey Marty, thanks for taking some time to chat! In terms of your current music projects, what are some exciting things you've been rehearsing or working on? I've been working on a couple things with my friend Lee Canales. We started a songwriting/production duo called WLDFLWR - which I'm super stoked about. Lee and I have worked together on and off for the last 4-5 yrs and we always joked about how we needed to make music together more often because it was always seamless, wi

Jaga Jazzist - Spiral Era

I first discovered Norwegian group Jaga Jazzist a few years ago when I heard their incredible single "Relative Peace (Oban Rework)." Jaga Jazzist collaborated with fellow Norwegian producer Matias Tellez aka Young Dreams and vocalist Kimbra for that song and I've had it on many playlists. Now, I'm very excited that they have this new album! The crew takes a deep dive into post-rock, jazz and psychedelia influences. It’s their first album since 2015’s “Starfire," their ninth a

Katalyst - WhatsAname

This is definitely an album you will want to pre-order. Coming to us from Inglewood, the Katalyst crew has some of the best jazz musicians in the game right now. I've been lucky enough to catch them play live a few times and was always extremely impressed with their musicianship, as well as their work ethic. They're also just a really nice group of guys that are funny and creative and a blast to hang out with. You get a sense they've all played together for awhile and are rea

Nikitch & Kuna Maze - JPS

Thanks to the most recent episode of Bandcamp Weekly, I discovered this incredible album that came out early last month. The project is a collaboration between Nicolas Morant aka Nikitch and Edouard Gilbert aka Kuna Maze. Throughout the album, the duo channel their instrumental skills to create really dope compositions that expand with lots of depth and soul. This is my favorite track, though the the whole album has heaters like this one. I hope these two continue working tog