Tunnelvisions - Private XS

The Friday Feels selection is below. Cheers! #Music #NewMusic #NowPlaying #FridayFeels #Tunnelvisions #Bandcamp #House #Electronic

DJ Psychiatre - Keep This Sound Going

Happy Friday fam. Our selection for the Friday Feels vibe today comes to us from France-based DJ Psychiatre. He channels classic deep house and laid back, sultry vibes across the new Never Complain EP, dropping on 3/26 via Lost Palms, a Shall Not Fade sub-label. #Music #NewMusic #NowPlaying #Electronic #FridayFeels #Bandcamp #DeepHouse #House #Dance #LoFi

Mel Blue - Endlessly

Our Friday Feels selection today was an easy pick. Such good vibes on this track from Sydney-based electro-pop group Mel Blue. Solid energy all around. Cheers! #Music #NewMusic #NowPlaying #Soundcloud #MelBlue #House #Electronic #FridayFeels

Tilman - Sound Issue 84

It's time for you to tune into the Friday Feels selection. This week, you deserve something special and it's no surprise that this sweet tune comes to us from UK imprint Shall Not Fade. They never disappoint. The vibe is today is the "Sound Issue 84" track from German producer Tilman, off of his newest and longest release yet. It's good energy! Get into it! Cheers. #Music #NewMusic #NowPlaying #FridayFeels #Bandcamp #House #Disco #Groove #Soul #Electronic #Dance #Tilman #Shal

Gavinco - Fusion

It's time to share the Friday Feels selection for this week. You made it to Friday folks, cheers to you! Now, check out the fresh new heat from Brighton-based DJ/Producer Gavinco (Joe Newham) below, off of his forthcoming Dumont LP, from one of my favorite UK labels Shall Not Fade. This gem is going to carry me into the weekend quite well. See you next time party people. #Music #NewMusic #NowPlaying #Electronic #Bandcamp #ShallNotFade #House #Downtempo #Lounge

My Nu Leng - D.A.S.

It's Friday. Woot woot! That means it's time for another Friday Feels selection. Today, I've really been feeling the electronic vibes from UK duo My Nu Leng. All 3 tracks are pretty solid on their brand new EP. Check it out below. Cheers! #Music #NewMusic #NowPlaying #Electronic #Bass #House #Techno #Bandcamp #FridayFeels

Ruf Dug - Addicted ft. Danielle Moore

Hey there! It's Tuesday, which means it's time to share our Tuesday Tempooooo. This week, the vibes come to us in the form of the dope upbeat dance track "Addicted" from Manchester veteran Ruf Dug off his forthcoming ‘Manc Sunset’ EP, which drops February 19th via Shall Not Fade. The track is an immediate dancefloor-ready tune and it makes me want to move. It put me a great mood from the start and I hope it does the same for you. Enjoy and hang in there y'all! #Music #NewMusi

Tomaas All - Frunkp

Aaannnndd just like that, we've made it through the first week of 2021. What a wild ride it's been already. Either way you look at it though, there is always good music to appreciate and that's what is helping me survive every day. Today, we're back to our Friday Feels selection, the first of the year, and this one is a funky, disco banger from French DJ/Producer Tomaas All off of the new Juicy Edits compilation album on Fresh Take Records, an independent, Edinburgh-based lab

Felipe Gordon - Cold Nights ft. Ally Mcmahon

Our Friday Feels selection today is some serious heat coming to us from one of my favorites - Felipe Gordon - out of Bogotá, Colombia. I was a huge fan his previous EP, The Bacatá Extrapolation, which we covered here back in September, so it's no surprise that I was craving some new jams from Felipe. Below you'll find the first single from his upcoming EP, where he joins forces with Cody Currie on their first collaborative record, and it's really putting me in a great mood, s

Manj - Relajémonos

Wow, just like that it's Friday, which means it's time for our lovely Friday Feels selection. Today, it feels like the fresh, upbeat tech/house track "Relajémonos" from Manj. The track is one of 29 tracks, from 28 artists, featured on the debut compilation album from Daytimers, highlighting the sounds of South Asian heritage. 100% of proceeds from each purchase will be donated to Restless Beings. From laid-back R&B grooves & trip-hop soundscapes, to rave-ready jungle rollers

Fougère - Movement (Joe Goddard Remix)

It was a very, very easy decision to pick this single as the Monday Mood for this fine Monday we find ourselves in the middle of. I usually love anything Joe Goddard touches, so naturally, I'm a big fan of his new remix of the beautiful song "Movement" by London-based artist Fougère. The remix was released last week and I can't stop listening to it! Check it out below and have a great week y'all. The original track: #Music #NewMusic #NowPlaying #ElectronicMusic #Bandcamp #Re

HKE - Cry

Wow, another week has gone by and there's so much incredible music to digest. Today, our Friday Feels selection is an upbeat, hypnotic gem from UK producer David Russo, aka HKE. This song just has a certain gritty drive to it and a momentum that makes me want to dance, travel, and get lost on an adventure. Who's coming with me?! Back to the track though, this thing brings some serious heat. Click play below and enjoy your weekend. Cheers! #Music #NewMusic #NowPlaying #Electro

Moullinex - Ven (feat. Ekstra Bonus)

Wow, just like that, another week has gone by and we have reached our Friday Feels selection. I'm super excited to share the fresh track "Ven" from Lisbon-based DJ, musician and producer Moullinex. The track features some really nice vocals from Ekstra Bonus. It's definitely been on repeat for me over the past twenty four hours and I intend to blast this track all through the weekend. Join me? Cheers! #Music #NewMusic #NowPlaying #FridayFeels #Electronic #House #Chill #Groove

Uppermost - After Hours

You simply can't go wrong with just a nice, downtempo, french-disco track. Our Friday Feels this week is coming to us in the form of "After Hours" from well-known Paris Producer/DJ Uppermost. I honestly wish the song was longer! For now, I'll just have to listen to it on repeat for most of the day. Cheers! #Music #NewMusic #NowPlaying #Uppermost #Dance #Electronic #House #Downtempo

CRi - Proud

Our Tuesday Tempo today has gloriously arrived in the form of the dope single "Proud" off the new album from French-Canadian producer and live act Christophe Dubé, aka CRi. It's no surprise that European label Anjunadeep picked him up. The 11-track album takes us through many different vibes and emotions. #Music #NewMusic #CRi #Anjunadeep #Electronic #Chill #Downtempo #House #DeepHouse

Moon Boots - Reach The Stars

Today, for our Tuesday Tempo pick, we're hopping on a spaceship to the moon as we embark on Volume 2 from the multiplatinum series Pure Moons from Brooklyn-based DJ/Producer Moon Boots. It is a magical, musical voyage and a new sonic world of pure pleasure. The EP has three dance tracks that are bound to get you up and moving. Below is my favorite track, but the whole EP is fantastic. Cheers! #TuesdayTempo #Music #NewMusic #NowPlaying #Dance #Electronic #House #Groove #MoonBo

At Capacity - Scenic Route

For our Friday Feels pick, I'm really feeling this House track from Perth-based Producer/DJ At Capacity. There isn't a whole lot of information out there about the artist right now, but that doesn't matter because this track hits and is such a vibe. Check it out below and you can download it for free or donation on Bandcamp! Cheers! #Music #NewMusic #FridayFeels #NowPlaying #House #Electronic #Dance #Perth #Australia #DJ #Producer #AtCapacity

Dan Kye - Rainbow Road

The groove today for our super special Tuesday Tempo pick is definitely this fresh one right here! Woooo. It's the dope, upbeat house/soul track "Rainbow Road" from Dan Kye. You might be asking yourself, who is this Dan Kye character? That's fair. I did the same thing. Well, let me tell you who he is, it's actually Jordan Rakei! The New Zealand-born artist, now London-based artist presents his first LP as Dan Kye titled Small Moments, on Bradley Zero’s Rhythm Section INTL. An

Felipe Gordon - (To) Get My Shit Together

Let's get right to it! Would you please follow to me to the dance floor? Our Tuesday Tempo pick for this week comes to us in the form of the fresh, upbeat single "(To) Get My Shit Together)" from Colombia-based DJ/Producer Felipe Gordon off of his forthcoming 5-track EP which will be out. It's THE vibe that will keep you movin' and groovin' through the week. #Music #NewMusic #NowPlaying #House #Jazz #DeepHouse #Electronic #Synth #Beats #Chill #Lounge #FelipeGordon #Colombia #

Sable Blanc - Amour Gris (Christophe Salin Remix)

Happy Friday y'all. I'm really feeling this track today! Very excited to share it with you. It's the Christophe Salin Remix for the powerful track "Amour Gris" off of the new EP release from Parisian artist Sable Blanc. The original track is plenty fine by itself, but Salin does a superb job at reconstructing it into a dance floor, jazz house track in a very unique and creative way. The other stand out tracks for me on this EP are "Just Goodbye" and the closer "Easy Living."