DJ Psychiatre - Keep This Sound Going

Happy Friday fam. Our selection for the Friday Feels vibe today comes to us from France-based DJ Psychiatre. He channels classic deep house and laid back, sultry vibes across the new Never Complain EP, dropping on 3/26 via Lost Palms, a Shall Not Fade sub-label. #Music #NewMusic #NowPlaying #Electronic #FridayFeels #Bandcamp #DeepHouse #House #Dance #LoFi

Moods - Sinner (feat. Nic Hanson)

Monday Mood selection streaming below. #Music #NewMusic #NowPlaying #Moods #Soul #Electronic #Dance #Groove #Funk #Synth

Mel Blue - Endlessly

Our Friday Feels selection today was an easy pick. Such good vibes on this track from Sydney-based electro-pop group Mel Blue. Solid energy all around. Cheers! #Music #NewMusic #NowPlaying #Soundcloud #MelBlue #House #Electronic #FridayFeels

Sal Dulu - Zumo (feat. Fly Anakin)

The Monday Mood selection is getting me in the zone today. The fresh track is brought to us from Dublin producer Sal Dulu featuring rapper Fly Anakin with some solid lyricism and a flow that is more than impressive. Great vibes overall to kick off the week and new month of March. Have a good one y'all. #Music #NewMusic #NowPlaying #MondayMood #Beats #HipHop #Electronic #SalDulu #FlyAnakin #Bandcamp

Tilman - Sound Issue 84

It's time for you to tune into the Friday Feels selection. This week, you deserve something special and it's no surprise that this sweet tune comes to us from UK imprint Shall Not Fade. They never disappoint. The vibe is today is the "Sound Issue 84" track from German producer Tilman, off of his newest and longest release yet. It's good energy! Get into it! Cheers. #Music #NewMusic #NowPlaying #FridayFeels #Bandcamp #House #Disco #Groove #Soul #Electronic #Dance #Tilman #Shal

Robot Boyfriend - Keep It With You

It's time for you to stop and take moment to vibe out with us and the Tuesday Tempo selection for this week. Today, we've got a fresh track from east coast producer Robot Boyfriend. It's got a really solid build and the wait is worth it. #Music #NewMusic #NowPlaying #Electronic #Bandcamp #TuesdayTempo

Gavinco - Fusion

It's time to share the Friday Feels selection for this week. You made it to Friday folks, cheers to you! Now, check out the fresh new heat from Brighton-based DJ/Producer Gavinco (Joe Newham) below, off of his forthcoming Dumont LP, from one of my favorite UK labels Shall Not Fade. This gem is going to carry me into the weekend quite well. See you next time party people. #Music #NewMusic #NowPlaying #Electronic #Bandcamp #ShallNotFade #House #Downtempo #Lounge

Anchorsong - Tunis Dream

Our Tuesday Tempo selection is easily the smooth track "Tunis Dream" from Tokyo-born, London-based Producer Anchorsong a.k.a. Masaaki Yoshida. The Tunisia-inspired single covers some wonderful sonic soundscapes across shoegaze, ambient, and chill house grooves. #Music #NewMusic #NowPlaying #TuesdayTempo #Electronic #Bandcamp

Sweet Tooth Music - Snack Pack Volume III

It's time again for another edition of our Snack Pack compilation series! I'm very excited to share that the third compilation release is now available on Bandcamp! This, as always, was really fun to put together and I'm so grateful to all of the artists involved for allowing me to share their art through this platform! The selections include an eclectic mix of new sounds from various artists, musicians, producers, and composers. I encourage you to follow the artists on Insta

Mindy Meng Wang & Tim Shiel - Sleeping Tiger On The Bund

This week for our Tuesday Tempo selection, we're treated to the wonderful sounds from Mindy Meng Wang and Tim Shiel. The collaboration between the two happened all throughout last year as part of the ‘ Building Bridges’ project connecting artists in isolation. This amazing project is from Melbourne's Music in Exile label, a non-profit initiative aimed at providing a platform for musicians who tell stories of diaspora; of cultural difference and colliding worlds. I love the so

My Nu Leng - D.A.S.

It's Friday. Woot woot! That means it's time for another Friday Feels selection. Today, I've really been feeling the electronic vibes from UK duo My Nu Leng. All 3 tracks are pretty solid on their brand new EP. Check it out below. Cheers! #Music #NewMusic #NowPlaying #Electronic #Bass #House #Techno #Bandcamp #FridayFeels

Yuksek - The Only Reason feat. Breakbot & Irfane

It's another Tuesday which means it's time for your favorite Tuesday Tempooooo. Eyyy. I'm excited about this one! I got an email this morning from Bigwax and read the news that Yuksek's fourth studio album Nosso Ritmo was back in stock on, which I will probably get. The song isn't new, the album dropped on Bandcamp last March, but damn, it's smooth as hell and the email today reminded how good this entire album is. #Music #NewMusic #NowPlaying #Yuksek #ElectronicMusic #Electr

Ruf Dug - Addicted ft. Danielle Moore

Hey there! It's Tuesday, which means it's time to share our Tuesday Tempooooo. This week, the vibes come to us in the form of the dope upbeat dance track "Addicted" from Manchester veteran Ruf Dug off his forthcoming ‘Manc Sunset’ EP, which drops February 19th via Shall Not Fade. The track is an immediate dancefloor-ready tune and it makes me want to move. It put me a great mood from the start and I hope it does the same for you. Enjoy and hang in there y'all! #Music #NewMusi

Tomaas All - Frunkp

Aaannnndd just like that, we've made it through the first week of 2021. What a wild ride it's been already. Either way you look at it though, there is always good music to appreciate and that's what is helping me survive every day. Today, we're back to our Friday Feels selection, the first of the year, and this one is a funky, disco banger from French DJ/Producer Tomaas All off of the new Juicy Edits compilation album on Fresh Take Records, an independent, Edinburgh-based lab

Four Tet - Parallel 8

Happy New Year and Happy Monday to all of you! We're back in action after some time off and I'm ready to keep sharing some new tunes with y'all this year. Let's get into it. Our Monday Mood is brought to us from British producer/DJ Kieran Hebden a.k.a. Four Tet off his 11th album that just came out on his label Text Records. There aren't really song titles so just let the music and cool artwork speak for themselves. There's a lot of really sound palettes within this album and

Reymour - Holly Mother

Our Tuesday Tempo this week (the last of 2020 before I sign off), comes to us in the form of the incredibly sensational track "Holly Mother" from Reymour, a duo based out of Brussels. They describe their sound as a "psycho-romantic adventure, strewn and dotted with 80's sounds and bucolic texts for alcoholics." I can dig it. I'm really, reaalllly feeling this track today. Check it out below and grab that pre-order because this album is going to be awesome. #TuesdayTempo #Musi

Felipe Gordon - Cold Nights ft. Ally Mcmahon

Our Friday Feels selection today is some serious heat coming to us from one of my favorites - Felipe Gordon - out of Bogotá, Colombia. I was a huge fan his previous EP, The Bacatá Extrapolation, which we covered here back in September, so it's no surprise that I was craving some new jams from Felipe. Below you'll find the first single from his upcoming EP, where he joins forces with Cody Currie on their first collaborative record, and it's really putting me in a great mood, s

Manj - Relajémonos

Wow, just like that it's Friday, which means it's time for our lovely Friday Feels selection. Today, it feels like the fresh, upbeat tech/house track "Relajémonos" from Manj. The track is one of 29 tracks, from 28 artists, featured on the debut compilation album from Daytimers, highlighting the sounds of South Asian heritage. 100% of proceeds from each purchase will be donated to Restless Beings. From laid-back R&B grooves & trip-hop soundscapes, to rave-ready jungle rollers

Omoidé - Afterimage

Our Tuesday Tempo selection is a bit slower than usual this week, but what do you want from me?! Sorry, I'm's cool. White it isn't a dance floor banger this fine Tuesday, I'm still really feeling the future soul vibes and electronic chillness on the fresh single 'Afterimage' from Chicago producer omoidé. It's part of a phenomenal new compilation release from Ireland label Souletiquette, featuring specially selected producers with sound designs to induce peace, tranq

Tycho - Easy (Mild Minds Remix)

Hey party people, we're back with our Tuesday Tempo selection! Pretty neat, huh? Ok, let's get into it. The track I'm highlighting this week is the Mild Mind Remix of the single 'Easy' from Bay Area electronic music legend Tycho. I've always been a fan of Tycho and his music is definitely a prime target for DJ's and Producers to remix, which is awesome, because I love hearing how his original tracks are interpreted by other artists. I'm a huge fan of this remix. It's upbeat a